Succulent Log - Large

Succulent Logs


We take a fallen tree from designated Victorian State Forest wood collecting zones and give them life


Drilling out the centre and planting 4 succulents to create the perfect centre piece for your outdoor table, alfresco area or anywhere that will get loads of sunlight.


Apply a light water spray to your succulents when the soil is dry.


Succulents picked at random. If you would like to choose your succulents send us an email and we can send you photos of what we have in stock.

Succulent Log Large

  • We take the most care in hand selecting all our plants to be their healthiest.

    Quality products are used in our Kokedamas and Plant logs to give the plant the best chance to thrive.

    Care instructions are provided upon purchase and can be also found on our website.

    Each home environment is different and you know your home best.

    You may send us a message for advice on your purchase.

    We therefore do not offer a refund if your plant fails to thrive.