We love supporting handmade Australian products.

The Banksia aroma pod is handcrafted from a Banksia seed collected when they have naturally fallen from the Banksia Tree in Western Australia.

The Banksia seed is known in Australian fairy tales like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie with the character of The Banksia Men


Banksia Gifts Australia are a family ran business using an Australian iconic natural product in the Banksia Seed to create beautiful and sustainable products


Widely known as the BEST natural diffuser available today!

Why? The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous, it soaks up your essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores. No flames and no electricity are needed with our all natural diffuser!

Your aroma pod comes pre-tested and filled with  high quality Pure Australian Eucalyptus oil. If you prefer yours to come unfilled please select this option in our shop.

Each one is completely different from the last and can be filled with any

essential oil you like.


Aroma Pod Instructions

Step 1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod 
Step 2. Choose a good quality Essential Oil or blend and place 1ml of oil into the pod
Step 3. Place cork back on Aroma Pod

The aroma should last up to 2 weeks , you can change your oil scent when you cant smell anymore in the aroma pod.


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Banksia Aroma Pod (prefilled with 100% pure essential Eucalyptus oil