Upcycle Pallet Standing Desk Custom For The Tall Guy

Our latest custom piece is the Upcycled Pallet Standing Desk.

When a customer approached us with his own

design and dimensions for a desk he could stand at in his office we delivered.

We re confirmed that the height was correct as it was 1200mm and we thought “gee this guy must be tall”

A request of 2 draws for all important storage in the practical work space

It was personally delivered today and when we met the customer we could see that the desk height was perfect for the 6ft plus guy.

We hadnt ever seen a standing desk before, yet when seeing the office space it would be used in and how the customer would want to quickly turn and put info into the computer without having to pull a chair out and sit down it all worked perfectly.

All our furniture can be handcrafted and designed to your idea and your dimensions.

We pride ourselves in offering this custom service.

Upcycled Pallet Furniture handcrafted and local to Melbourne