Spring has sprung - The blooms are out

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

We are started to experience some warmer weather here in Melbourne. You have to admit it really does put you in a good mood when the days start to get warmer and you can do more fun activities outside.

We are excited that the best plants are starting to be available in the nursery. This year Peace Lilies will take a little longer to be found in bloom in Melbourne as they haven't had the warmest weather in Queensland where they are grown. We will start to see them available with lots of white flowers towards the end of October. These have definitely been a favourite to be wrapped in a kokedama and we sell out quick.

We have done a big propagation of succulents and have lots to plant into our very popular succulent logs. These make great gifts and look fantastic resting on an outdoor table. Remember succulents need a good light source or they will start stretching for light and will become long and leggy.

If you've had your eye on one of our products send me an email and place your order.

Enjoy the start of spring.