Meet the makers of Upcycle Garden Art

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We are Elle and Heath Curtis the creators behind the scenes of Upcycle Garden Art.

Based in Clyde North, Victoria, Australia and raising 4 children aged 8,6,2 & 11 months.

We began making some home decor for ourselves and took the encouragement from our loved ones to make our craft public and attend some local markets.

Along with our busy lifestyle, children and our regular jobs as a laboratory technician and a butcher we worked hard to get a market stall up and ready.

Attending your first market is scary and exciting.

You wonder if people will like your craft and if it is good enough for customers to buy.

It was a roaring success and we received lots of positive feedback from many customers excited to be seeing 'something different' on the market.

Now 1 year 5 months down the road our small handmade business has expanded.

Heath has taken his love for woodworking and excelled in making beautiful, unique furniture from upcycled pallets. The furniture addition to our range has been very popular with customers coming to us with their ideas and pictures. Heath has been able to create pieces to suit customers needs when they have struggled to find what they desired in shops.

Items like triangle lamp tables to fit an awkward space between 2 couches, TV cabinets with shelf heights to suit the customers electrical devices while letting the customer choose their cupboard handles.

Its been a big journey since our first market and have learned lots along the way.

We are excited for what the future has ahead for us and love a challenge and a bit of hard work!